Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Four -One A Day Series

     It's just Day 4 and I'm already struggling with the challenge. Important lesson I learned today is that breaking habits are really hard but it's not impossible.  We just need to be reminded and start.
     Last night, I totally forgot to press finish and my listing wasn't completed. To compensate, I listed 2 today.  Since I started on the computer really early, I became more complacent with time which eventually led to bigger issues.  It's 6 pm and I'm really on a rush to finish things.  Why? Because I became so focused on a particular category that I started to ignore the others. 
     Today, my house is a mess.  My paperwork are all over the place.  Guess what's next? I'm cranky with the kids!!!  Next thing I knew, I'm totally stressed out! 
     With a little reminder, (Thanks Etsy NJ team) I just had a change of heart.  The day isn't over yet and I think I can still make it work. Have to go now and will let you know the updates later. 
          Before I forget, I just saw this and got inspired.  Too close, it's chaotic.  But if I step back a bit, I can see the beauty of something.  It's today's my Ray of Hope.

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