Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 - One a Day Series

Yesterday turned out great in the end.  After posting on the blog, I searched Blackeyedpeas' "I got a feeling",  turned up the volume of my laptop and started moving!  In the end,
I was able to clean the living room (those with more than 2 young kids would know how bad it can be!) 
Feature a Team mates' item.
Sort, organize and compiled the scattered Business Goals and Strategies (was on loose sheets of paper)
Helped my Darling Daughter finish her homework (she's having one of those I can't do it days)
Skip my cheesecake dessert
I even got a few minutes of cuddle time with the kids.
added to what I was doing the whole day which were
Editing photos and listing on Etsy
FB, Twitter and Etsy community

As for today,
I sold a necklace at the school parking lot.
Had new distributor
Set up 2010 Monthly Sales-Expense File
Fun lunch with all the kids
follow  NJ team members on twitter
Drank green tea
Grocery list for next week
Wow and it's not even dark!!!  How about you? 

Thanks for this great photo!  Nothing better can represent my mood today.

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