Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 - One A Day

I'm on Day 3 and something kicked in... Some of my readers might think that those 7 Categories are just the things I'm doing in a day. (Boy I wish!!!)  As I've mentioned earlier, I promised myself to reduce stress by trying to live a balanced life this 2010.  If all the daily demands of a working mom, most of the time an aspect or more is pushed aside making one feel guilty (another source of stress).

By accomplishing 1 thing in each category, I feel that I can smile at night knowing that I didn't leave anything behind.
For today:
           Few minutes at the Etsy Forum
           Handed out business cards at the Pedia's ofc (2 birds in 1)
          1 hour "picnic" in the car with the 3 kids
          Wrote down 2010 Goals and action plan
         Arranged clothes in the kids' dressers
         Voted for a team mate's item --

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