Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 6 One-A -Day Series "TimeEaters"

When I made my first weekend review about this series, I've found out that there are so many "time eaters" (I don't' call it wasters since they are part of everyday living) that I need to address inorder for me to maximize my accomplishments. These are:
1. Disorganized files --- I 've been spending a total of 60 minutes looking for things or files.
2. Multi-tasking to the extreme.
3. Clutter --- I know most of you  crafters can relate.
4. Habits --- Yes, habits are really hard to break but I'm committing on changing something this year.
5. Focus --- sometimes I'm easily distracted, other time, so caught up with one thing.

To make this challenge more interesting, I'm also including ONE special TO-Do that will give me satisfaction and evetually,  manage my time more.
Will you be up for it too?
ps. thanks for the photo 

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