Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upcycled Fashion

           I'm so amazed how the fashion world has embraced "green" fashion.  With Spring just around the corner (have you adjusted your clock today?), I'm sure you're also looking for things to update your look.  Get inspired with this colorful, fun and upcycled accessories.

Compiled by FunkeyJunk


  1. Aw Thanks so much for sharing my treasury! :) I also agree Green living is a great way to be and stay and i love that you can use it in EVERY part of your life... They even have Trash houses called Earth ships now that i find insanely fascinating! Hope your day is great! :)

    Jess ( Funkey Junk Designs )

  2. Trash houses! That's something I would love to see. It's good to be "green" right?