Saturday, December 12, 2009

In My Shopping Bag

        When I took the "Buy Handmade" Pledge a couple of months ago, I became more conscious of my shopping habits.  Instead of just searching for what's the "in" brand and item, I started to be more creative.  Thus I became a happier shopper!  How?
1. The fashionista in me is able to have the latest color and style trends 
2. The frugalista in me is not compromised
3. The artist in me has a feast day
4. The hunter in me was able to find the perfect gifts and items

       As any happy shopper would do, I'm here to brag about my greatest finds.  Thus my  "In My Shopping Bag Series"  is born.  A collection of cool and beautiful items that I've bought or are wanting to buy. 

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more! Since I've become an Etsy seller, I've purchased so many unique and high-quality items. Although I still buy clothes and shoes in stores like Marshalls and J. C. Penneys, I don't even look at jewelry, bags, or knicknacks anymore. Why would I when I can find an awesome and distinctive gift from an artist online? A large percentage of my Christmas gifts this year are handmade, and I can't wait to see everyone open them!