Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In My Shopping Bag #2

     Being a picky buyer and a bargain hunter, I always have my eyebrows raised on buying things that are non-essentials.  Two weeks ago, while looking for unique gift ideas, I came across this beautiful piece of decorative soap.  Yup!  I used to consider shaped soaps as decorative after a bad experience years ago.  Anyway, since this pink rose soap has captured my attention and is not really pricey, I convinced myself that it's alright to take a risk.
       When I received my package yesterday, I was so surprised how great the packaging smelled.  What a great perk.  I have a nice looking and smelling decor.  Out of curiosity, I used it.  Another big surprise. It is creamy and not as drying as other soaps.  A total Spa treat for me.  It's now a great addition to my bathroom vanity.  Thanks Luchi Creations ! http://www.luchi.etsy.com/

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